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Wow, This is Just like Walking into a Real Home...

A compliment we often hear from guests is, “Wow, this is just like walking into a real home; it feels like family.” That’s because that’s what we are. Our goal is to help make healthy, happy memories the children can take into their adulthood.

Collins Home creates a true family atmosphere for the kids
Collins Home A Real Family Dining Room

Our houseparent couples strive to find ways to make the homes more inviting and comfortable. We want our children to be able to relax and feel at ease. When you walk into our homes, you’ll just see a normal family environment with kids in various stages of their day; possibly reading a book, watching TV, playing with a doll or Legos, while their houseparents are cooking dinner or changing out a light bulb.

When one sits on the outside of working with children coming from rough childhoods, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about how to help.

Small Things Can Be Comforting and Healing

When one sits on the outside of working with children coming from rough childhoods, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about how to help. What I’ve observed is the stability in the small day to day things of a happy family living their lives, is more comforting and healing than most would think.

Each day has its ups and downs, each child has his or her own worries, joys, and fears. But we are there to provide structure, to laugh with them, cry with them, to hold their hands when they stumble, to bring Christ’s love to them, each day.

Many Volunteers Contribute to Bettering Each Child's Life

The entire staff, from administration to houseparents and the many volunteers who give their time, all contribute to the bettering of each child’s life. I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry and its effect on so many lives. I feel that this is an extension of my family, not just a place to work or to perform the tasks of a job. I know all the staff feels this conviction and adds to striving for a warm place for our kids.

The Best Part of Collins Family

You see at Collins Home, the best part is the family. Having open and loving hearts, kind words, and actions easily expressed, the encouragement was given when tears fall, the safety of making mistakes, and empowerment to learn from those mistakes. Entangled in getting kids to school, helping with homework, trips to the movies, sharing toys, sitting at the dinner table together, and praying for one another, make up our family.

You are Part of Our Family, Too

Your prayers, time, and donations makes you a part of our family, we are so thankful for you. If you’d like to volunteer or donate please contact us at our office 864-882-0893.


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