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Welcoming Our New Houseparents

This past October, Jeff and Becky Lunsford began a journey that's been a long time in the making by answering the call to become our houseparent couple. In the mid-1990s, as a young married couple, they attended church with cofounders Joe and Anne Rackley and all the Collins kids.

They served as volunteers at Collins in our Special Friends Program and by supporting Collins Home through their family-owned business, 'Home Town Grocery.' Becky always felt God told her she would be a mother to more children. This became even more apparent after meeting 2-year-old twin boys at Collins home: whom they would adopt two years later in 2000.

Jeff and Becky Lunsford

God's Calling for Their Lives

That same experience happened to Jeff this summer as he prayed about the next season of God's calling for their lives. Collins Home had been searching for a houseparent couple for more than a year.

And as a newly ordained minister and pastor of Maranatha Church in Seneca, Jeff found the Lord putting the children and staff from Collins on his heart. So he invited Executive Director Alena Pelfrey, the staff, and the children to a church event, and from that point, the Lord made it clear to Jeff and Becky that they were to step into the houseparents' role at Collins Children's Home.

“I am completely head over heels in love with these beautiful girls, this lovely campus and its caring family who are here to serve and love unconditionally.

A New Season of Their Lives Begins

Ms. Becky shared her feelings about the challenges, fulfillment, and needs she and Jeff have experienced as houseparents. "Being houseparents takes teamwork. It takes concise and articulate communication skills, which is not easy for an 'old' married couple to set in their ways.

We continue to learn God's way is not always easier but is definitely better. The success of Collins Home takes a huge community willing to be a village. A village not only for the children but for the staff as well. Without this support we could not serve the children successfully." "I am completely head over heels in love with these beautiful girls, this lovely campus and its caring family who are here to serve and love unconditionally. "

Jeff and Becky Lunsford's Family

Beautiful Memories Surrounds Us

I see Mama Anne's face so many times throughout the day as I stand in the kitchen or walking out the front door. I see her as I round the curve in the road, her eyes growing misty as she sees what God is providing for these precious children."

Daddy Joe on the mower, caring for the property, and teaching Collins kids the value of a good work ethic, the wholeness found in the love and presence of God, life skills like how to make a bed, and a great example that showed Collins Kids how to problem solve and cope with everyday life."

"With my eyes focused on the playground, I watch each of the kids swing back and forth. These sweet children are making memories that will remain in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

Caring Hearts and Generous Collins Community

Yes, God is in this place. There is no doubt." You are the source of the "good in people" that some of our children have never witnessed.

You support Collins Children's Home because you have a caring heart and are generous with your resources. We are so thankful for your friendship and grateful that we live in a community that understands the need to provide for children who deserve a safe and loving home."

From our home to yours, have a very Merry Christmas!


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