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We are Full of Gratitude after Collins Home First Clean-Up Day

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that helped us welcome the first day of spring this past Saturday during one of our campus clean-up workdays! We had many helping hands; everyone played an important role. We wanted to highlight a few of the accomplishments of the day.

When you arrive at the Collins Children's Home, you will now see the beautiful wrap-around porch after volunteers removed overgrown shrubbery. This is one area that changed the look of our beautiful campus this weekend.

Big Things Happened on the First Day of Spring...

The sun was shining bright when co-founder Ms. Anne Rackley showed up with two of her friends, Millie and Margie! With the help of our girl’s home and Suzette Cross, they brought new life back to our overgrown prayer garden.

We are so grateful to Stephen Addis and Dia Roberts, owners of "His Work" Design and Maintenance, and their crew that provided much-needed landscaping expertise and a lot of hard work to freshen up the look of the Rackley Family Enrichment Center.

Thank you to the SHS Beta Club students that showed up and cleaned out the boys’ home storage building…you earned your service hours!

Carl Halvorsen jump-started the day, ready to work before everyone arrived, and he was the last to leave. Thanks, Carl!

Thank you to the Seay family….Neal and Nolan for taking on the task (and skill) of installing 4 new faucets and the extra work making sure two bathroom sinks were anchored…and Tennille for rolling up your sleeves and working so hard weeding and pulling up shrubs.

Thank you to Life Point Church for your help and the mulch you have on the way.

I don’t know what we would have done without Mike Pelfrey and his truck as he worked tirelessly pulling up and hauling off shrubs.

All the volunteers worked diligently and got a lot done in just a few hours. A huge dent was made today. We still need help. We have one more Collins Clean-Up Day coming on April 10, 2021, starting at 8:30 until noon.

RSVP to Collins Home Events from Our Website

This year, we have added the ability to RSVP for our events from the Collins Children's Home website.

Sign up for our second Collins Clean-Up Day here. The benefits of submitting your RSVP online...

  • We will send an email with all the details so you can easily add them to your calendar.

  • You can share the event details on social media with your friends.

  • You will get an email reminder one day before the event.

Your participation & support helps us make a real difference in the lives of hurting & abused children every day…we can’t do what we do without your faithful support!

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