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Our Collins Home Community Came Together to Make the 38th Annual Chicken BBQ A Success!

A huge thank you to the many volunteers donating their time, supportive sponsors, and Collins Community that purchased tickets to help us make this the best year yet! It was a busy and thrilling day. We share thoughts, pictures, and memories of the day.

Now, This is Dedication...How The Chicken BBQ Day Began

Daryl Justice (AKA, Pit Boss/pictured above on the right) arrived around 2 AM to get the fires going. He was followed by Rusty Guill, Carl & Cathy Halvorsen, Charlie Marra, Curt Davis (pictured above on the left), and the Clemson Rangers (shown below) around 5 AM.

(Fun fact...Curt Davis has helped with this event 37 times...that's 37 years. Missing only 1 time for a family emergency.)

Throughout the day of the event, we had crews of awesome Clemson University students rotating in and out in 2-hour shifts to follow Daryl's lead.

Then around 3ish, we had more CU students show up to help plate & serve the food.

Clemson Rangers 5 AM Group

Sensational News To Share About the BBQ by Christina Rodriguez

Fall has just begun and after all the rain this week, I’m so excited to feel the crisp 50-degree mornings and toasty afternoons in this sunshine. I’m especially excited that God will bless us with this weather on our 38th annual BBQ Chicken Dinner Fundraiser on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

I have such sensational news to share with you all about our BBQ.

Drum roll, please!

We sold all 1500 tickets! I want to send a big, BIG thank you to all our sponsors and friends in our community that helped us reach this remarkable goal.

As we finished up crossing off all our many checklists in preparation, it’s got me reminiscing about all the 37 BBQs that have come before.

Though this will be only my 3rd year so much has changed in just those three years.

My first BBQ was at Northside Elementary School, where the school’s cafeteria filled with laughter, cheering for our Clemson Tigers, and memories were relived and shared by all of Collins Home’s family and friends that came out from across the Upstate. It was the epitome of fellowship and I’m so grateful I was able to experience it.

Sadly, this year will be our first BBQ without our trusted leader and co-founder, Joe Rackley. I’ve spoken to Joe’s wife, Anne, several times about the BBQ and she’s always said that it was Joe’s ‘baby’. He worked tirelessly over his secret sauce throughout the years to get its perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Thankfully, Joe passed the baton, of prepping his sauce and dry rub, on to Richard and Kaye Gibson a few years ago so this small part of his huge legacy lives on every year.

I’ve heard stories from staff talking about the first group of men that got together to cook the chicken, brainstorming the best way for the fullest flavor.

(In 2020, a new BBQ pit was built and erected for the Collins Children's Home by The Chickasaw Point Men's Club.)

In my head, I imagine Joe and the gang wearing capes being the superheroes for Collins Home, working to raise funds and support our kids. They were more likely wearing baseballs caps and aprons, but who’s to say what a superhero’s outfit is supposed to look like anyway.

This year, we worked hard to keep everyone as safe as possible as we had our second year of a drive-thru style on our campus. We are excited knowing the Collins Home Community families loaded up with tickets in hand and made their way through our campus to pick up their delicious chicken plate.

A Few Words About BBQ Chicken Dinner from Our Collins Community

Comments posted on Collins Children's Home Facebook page. about the chicken dinner.

Linda Patterson Copeland

Our meals were delicious! Chicken was hot - I like the "hot bag.b" Beans were real warm, slaw was cold & taste wonderful ... cookies were top of the line Home Made... Great way to serve Lemonade - Y'all did Great. "Joe would say - you didn't do half bad!!"

Kathy Copelan Jeffcoat

We really enjoyed our food. Delicious!

Wanda Kelley Smith

Enjoyed our food and I loved getting to see Anne (Rackley) face to face instead of on Facebook !!

Anne Chesnut Rackley

Wanda, face to face was the best part!!!

Thank you all again so much for keeping us in your prayers and supporting us so generously through these last 37 BBQs. The 38th was one for the books.

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors for the 38th Annual Chicken BBQ

ERA Kennedy Group REALTORS, a Silver Sponsor

The Collins Home Community Keeps Our Mission Alive

Collins Home has been an essential part of our community for over 41 years caring for hurting children who are in desperate need of a safe and caring home.

Because friends like you support this fundraiser, we can continue to welcome children to Collins Home and change their lives forever.


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