Collins Home Will Miss A Gem Within Our Community

On New Year’s Day, January 1, 2021, our Collins Children's Home community was saddened to lose a gem of a man from our midst. However, there was a great celebration in heaven as Johnny Hunt McKinnon was welcomed into eternity with his Lord and Savior. Knowing Johnny, he has already asked Jesus if He needs any help in the carpentry shop.

A Kind and Loyal Friend Always Offering a Helping Hand

Johnny was a loyal friend to Collins Children’s Home. We never called on him to help us out in a situation that he didn’t say, “I’ll be there as soon I finish what I’m doing now.” And to be honest I believe he didn’t always finish his current job before he was standing at the front desk asking, “What can I do for you?”

He quietly went about checking leaks in the ceilings, stopped up drain lines, faulty light switches, commodes clogged with toys, and sometimes real surprises. He would come by the office to say he had repaired the problem or that we needed to call someone else. When we offered to pay for his service he would say, “Oh, it was nothing. It didn’t take but a minute.”

One year we were well into firing the grill for our annual barbecue fundraiser when we realized the firewood, we had purchased was wet/green and the cookers couldn’t build the temperature needed. Someone said, “Call Johnny McKinnon, he’s got dry wood.” And, there he was coming to our rescue again.

Those humble, quiet, behind-the-scenes people are the reason anything ever gets done. ~Terri Guillemets

Years ago, when we were preparing to open our Collins Children's Home Thrift Store, Johnny was the one who climbed what looked like a 200 ft. ladder to replace all the fluorescent bulbs and some of the fixtures. He was always there when we had questions about maintenance or where to get needed parts for repairs.

It's Hard to Say Goodbye to One Who Meant So Much

It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to so many people. He was always mowing lawns and spreading mulch, building things, and doing handy work for people who couldn’t do it themselves. He thrived on doing for others.

I never saw Johnny that he didn’t have a smile and a kind word. He will be missed greatly by our Collins Home family. I know for sure that he is praising God with joy in his newly healed and perfect body. Please remember his loving wife, Jean, his three daughters, and seven grandchildren in your prayers as they mourn their loss greater than we can comprehend.