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Celebrating 40-Years Helping Children

This year, we will celebrate Collins Children's Home 40-year Anniversary caring for kids. So throughout the year, you’ll hear us excitedly sharing bits of our history and accomplishments. Plus you will be hearing from some of our Collins Home family.

Real Family Values at the Collins Home

We do more than provide safety, shelter and meals. Each child receives comprehensive care – physical, educational, spiritual and emotional.

For those of you that don’t know a whole lot about us, in a nutshell, Collins Home has been providing a “home” for children for 40 years. We offer a safe loving family-style home for children.

Children feel at home because we take great pride in making sure each cottage feels like a real family. Family dinners together, homework and chores are all guided by houseparent couples. Each child has a room with their own space, a family room to play in, and a large kitchen table to enjoy meals together. Like most families, children go on vacations and summer camps, too.

The Collins Home kitchen serves as a place to enjoy family time.
Collins Home Favorite Gathering Spot

We Develop an Individualized Plan for Each Child.

We do more than provide safety, shelter, and meals. Each child receives comprehensive care – physical, educational, spiritual, and emotional. Each cottage attends a local church and is involved in its youth programs. We work closely with parents and grandparents or other relatives to develop an individualized plan for each child’s unique needs.

Children attend local public schools and benefit from tutors at Collins Children's Home. If a child is behind academically, their tutors work together with houseparents, teachers and the child to help improve their academic performance. We have a wonderful counselor working with our children to help them process their past, present, and going forward.

Collins Home Cherishes Each Tutor Helping Our Kids
Collins Home Tutoring Experience

Collins Home 4th Child Enjoys Sharing his Story

Many of you know we have a 52-year-old gentleman name “B.K.” who was the 4th child to come live at Collins Children's Home and still lives here today. And if you know him, you know he loves talking about his time here and will be first in line to share his love for his Collins Home family.

Share Your Love and Connection to Collins Home

As you can see in just a few areas I named above, you can expect a lot of great highlights throughout the year. Feel free to give us a call to share your love and/or connection to Collins Home at 864-882-0893.


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