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One of the Collins Kids Hardworking Story during the First Clean-Up Day

As we approach our second Collins Home Campus Clean-up day, we reflect on how blessed we are for all of our wonderful volunteers.

Our Office Manager, Christina Rodriguez shares her experience working with one of the children during our March Campus Clean-Up day. This day helped to build pride within our Collins Kids.

Work is a gift of God, and it is good to “find enjoyment in [it]” Ecclesiastes 2:24

Beaming with a Sense of Accomplishment

In my history serving in youth ministries, I was taught early on that all children learn differently, and I’ve learned from the Bible that we are all a part of God’s body and have our own unique tasks and gifts.

With that in mind, I try my best to tackle activities with our kids knowing that giving instructions and participation will need to be presented in multiple fun ways.

At the beginning of the day, we gathered to tackle our Prayer Garden with Co-Founder, Anne Rackley, as our leader. After getting our tasks, one of our 14-year-olds and I began working on cutting down overgrown shrubs.

We started with me cutting the branches and she took them to our pile in the woods. I could tell she was bored and disinterested in helping, so I thought, “Let’s switch this up.”

I gave her the pruning shears and boy did that do it! I could see the excitement on her face with just a few cuts in. After that, she was like lightning all day! At one point, another volunteer “borrowed” the shears to cut a branch at a weird angle, and within minutes, she was pleading for “her” shears back.

Later, in the day, she paused working for a bathroom break and asked to hide the shears for her so they wouldn’t be taken from her again.

And I am glad I was able to see this young lady find joy, even in doing yardwork.

At the end of our workday, she proudly showed off all the dirt caked on her knees and hands. She received praises from multiple volunteers saying how hard a worker she was, how impressive she was all day and how strong she was in cutting down so many branches. It was beautiful to see God shining through her that day!

There is Still Time to Create New Experiences on April 10, 2021

Our final Collins Campus Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 10, 2021.

Sign up for our second Collins Clean-Up Day here.

If landscaping isn't your area, there are other ways to get involved with the Collins Children's Home, learn more here.

Your participation & support helps us make a real difference in the lives of hurting & abused children every day…we can’t do what we do without your faithful support! Thank you.


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