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A Truly Life Changing Ministry

I’m coming up on my first anniversary working at Collins Home and this ministry has changed my life more than I can describe. I moved to South Carolina a little over a year ago. I was so anxious about where God was calling me next and wading through the waters of finding the next place to put my hand to the plow.

We have art throughout the Collins Home to inspire us.
Collins Home Inspiration

When I saw the listing for the position with Collins Home, my heart was not only lifted but I felt such excitement at the thought of working for a children’s home. Having many years of kids’ church ministry under my belt, this position was a meeting of my two favorite worlds. I am equally blessed to be using a skill set I feel is God-given while working with children.

They have new eyes for their future, hope for what is possible and faith in knowing God is with them through it all.

When I came in for my interview and met with Tina, Kaye and Alena, I left praying this would be God’s will. I went to every prayer warrior I know and asked them to pray with me. When I received the offer, I was overjoyed, and that doesn’t seem a big enough word to describe my gratefulness to God.

These Children Begin to Flourish...

When I began with Collins Home, there were five siblings that arrived on campus just days before me. I felt a kindred connection to them, all of us being the new kids. This was a reunion for the children as well, as two of them had not lived under the same roof with their siblings for two years. I observed the varying personalities of these little ones, from so reserved that you wouldn’t receive a “good morning” when they were greeted, to hugs right when they came in the door.

As time went on, I saw these children begin to flourish. Reserved quiet hellos became smiles and laughter. Even the hugs when they walked into the room evolved into to sitting with me at my desk; asking about my day and telling me stories about their day. I was privileged to hear wishes for birthday gifts and who their best friends are.

God has a Beautiful Next Step for Them

They are soon to move on to a new chapter and as expected, it is incredibly bittersweet. I’m grateful that God has a beautiful next step for them but, of course, I’m sad I won’t see their smiling faces each week. Yet, I see them as such a testament to why God has Collins Home here in Seneca and the legacy it carries. I am a firsthand witness to the positive changes that stability, genuine love and care can make in a child’s life.

This Effort Culminates in Our Kids Believing...

All of this exceeds every expectation I had when I accepted this position. I knew God would work fiercely in my life coming to Collins Home. The witness of His purpose and power in everyone’s life, from the Houseparents who are a mirror of God’s love and grace in the kids’ lives every day. To our Case Manager fighting for what’s best for our kids’. To our Executive Director who works tireless hours to raise funds and make new opportunities for the kids; all the while being prayerful in every step and decision.

All of this effort culminates in our kids believing in themselves for the first time. They have new eyes for their future, hope for what is possible, and faith in knowing God is with them through it all. I now completely understand how your help changes not only the face of our community but can be carried through every part of the world where God takes our kids.

Sincerely, Christina Rodriguez

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