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Support From Our Collins Home Community Makes Our Hearts Sing 

We know you receive appeals from many good causes, but we can't think of a better cause than helping children here in our community. It just might make your life richer than ever before. 

 Rewarding Opportunities to Get Involved with Collin Children's Home in Seneca, SC Awaits You. 

 Donating Options


One-Time  or Monthly Donations
  • Tax-deductable monthly or one-time donations. We offer multiple easy ways to donate. 
    • Online using PayPal. There are many advantages to using PayPal for online donations.  PayPal is secure and easy to use.


"More than 950,000 nonprofits, schools, campaigns, and crowd funders around the world trust PayPal". PayPal offers many flexible options for online giving like using a checking account or credit card.

  • Learn more about how your donations help our children and how to become a Collins Home Hero through monthly giving to the Collins Children's Home. ​

Gifts of Securities and Mutual Funds
  • A charitable gift of securities and/or mutual funds can be beneficial to you and the children and families Collins Home serves. Instead of instabilities of an often unpredictable market, we have some guarantees:​

1. Your gift will make a difference.
2. Your gift will turn lives around.
3. Your gift may help you avoid capital gains tax.

For electronic transfer instructions or other delivery methods, call Kyle Blackwell, Financial Advisor with Raymond James Financial Services, at 864.810.6369 or email Also, please notify Collins Home before the transfer occurs at 864.882.0893.

Thrift Store Donations
  • Donating to the Collins Children's Home-Thrift Store. 

All proceeds from the sale of donated items benefit the children at the Collins Home. We can help you to free up space in your closet or home and you can help support children in need. A winning combination! Learn more about the types of gently used items we collect here.


Needs List

  • Purchasing items from our Needs List. 

These are the items we need to replenish frequently. If you are looking for a small, but important way to help, learn more here. 

Volunteering Options

  • Volunteering at the Collins Children's Home. 

There are a lot of volunteering opportunities. We know how valuable and precious your time is. We offer short term commitment and longer commitment options. Though there may be more time needed for longer commitments, we think these can be the most rewarding options. Find out more about volunteering opportunities.  

  • Volunteering in the Collins Children's Home -Thrift Store.

This gives you a bonus opportunity to support the Collins Home and your community. Check out the details here. 

​Become a Tutor

  • Tutoring (In-person or virtually). 

The time you spend helping a child learn a skill or improve on their knowledge of a invaluable. Learn how you can become a tutor. 

Share Your Garden Fresh Food 

  • Do you have a garden?

Sharing fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden is an awesome way to help feed the Collins Home children. 








Attend a Fundraising Event

  • Attend Collins Home fundraising  events, sponsor an event or create a fundraising event 


Our long-time and dedicated supporters the Cosmopolitan Woman's Club hosts various events throughout the year to give to the Collins Children's Home family. 


Let's Make A Change

EVERY penny helps

Pick the option that is best for you. 


By Mail

Mail us a monthly or one-time tax-deductible donation‏.

P.O. Box 745

Seneca, SC 29679


Make a monthly or one-time tax-deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate monthly or a one-time donation offline too.

Tel: 864-882-0893

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