Meet  Our Staff

We are excited to introduce the people who work tirelessly to support our children and the Collins Children's Home every day.


Alena Pelfrey

Executive Director

Alena is the face of Collins Children's Home in our community.

She works closely with our board's executive directors and oversees the many duties required to keep our whole Collins Home campus running efficiently. 

She is highly educated with a BS in Business Administration and Associates in Computer Information Systems. She is certified as a Professional in Human Resources and Non-Profit Leadership management.   


Tina Justice

Case Manager

Tina's journey with the Collins Home has taken her from volunteer to Houseparent to becoming our Case Manager. 


With the ability of a skilled project manager, she coordinates all the children's activities and appointments. 


 She fosters the relationships between the biological families of the children with us.  She helps families acclimate to the new environment after arriving at Collins Home.  

Christina Rodriguez 01-21-19.jpg

Christina Rodriguez

Office Manager

Christina is the pleasant voice you hear when you call us.

She wears many hats from taking donations by phone or keeping track of the RSVP s for our fundraising events. (Just to name a few of the many roles)


Ultimately, she keeps our office running smoothly 


Jamie & Crystal Crawford


Jamie and Crystal are the heart and soul of the girls' home with 8 children.  Christian values drive their efforts to model a loving family. They create a safe, consistent, and therapeutic environment to help our children to thrive today and in the future, as adults. 


They support the vital aspects of a child's spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical needs to help them achieve their goals. 


Joe & Anne Rackley


Joe and Anne had a vision forty years ago to create a haven for children in need. A place children in our loving community could call home and feel their needs were being met. A place where children could flourish and become their best selves.

Joe and Anne are now enjoying their retirement years. They still offer support where needed. Ultimately, they know they have passed the torch to a great group of people that will continue to carry their dream forward well into the future.

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