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Collins Children's Home
What Makes Us Unique?

Collins Children's Home is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides a residential home for children between the ages of birth and 21 who have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or otherwise unable to live with their families.

We serve children in the community based on their needs, not their family’s ability to pay.

A Focus on Individual  Needs of Every Child

We do more than provide safety, shelter, and meals. Each child receives comprehensive care – physical, educational, spiritual, and emotional. We work closely with parents and grandparents or other relatives to develop an individualized plan for each child’s unique needs.


Each children's cottage attends a local church and is involved in its youth programs. Children attend local public schools and benefit from tutors at Collins Children's Home. If a child is behind academically, their tutors work together with houseparents, teachers, and the child to help improve their academic performance.


We have a wonderful counselor working with our children's emotional needs to help them process their past, present, and in the future.

A Nurturing  Family Atmosphere

The “group home” model we have developed creates a Christian family atmosphere where Christian couples serve as parent role models and provide a structured home where eight children live together as siblings. We feel this not only provides immediate support for children in distress; it teaches them how to live in a family.  They learn how to get along with others, express and settle differences, and develop relationships.


The need for family, the need to belong – and to care for others in return – is a fundamental human need.

Built on  a Strong Christian Community

Within a community of Christian values, Collins Children’s Home cares for children. It supports families in an atmosphere that instills feelings of acceptance, safety, permanence, dignity, and joy while teaching important life skills and a work ethic that will enable them to be productive members of society.


Come To The Table With A Recurring Gift

At Collins Children's Home, we need support in 3 key areas and we refer to this as our "P.E.P." initiative with an emphasis on Heart, Hands, and Home because the depth of these 3 things is what shapes a campus atmosphere that fosters Christ centered lifestyles. 

Heart: Pray for families on our campus and in our community to flourish in Christ-centered homes. Families are struggling and need Jesus more than ever. “Look at how good and pleasing it is when families live together as one!” Ps 133:1 CEB



Hands: Engage your care and compassion by serving with us as a tutor, mentor, office assistant, handyman or landscaper (a full list of opportunities is available on our website). We love serving His kids, and I know you will, too. “And serve each other according to the gift each person has received, as good managers of God’s diverse gifts” 1 Peter 4:10 CEB



Home: Provide for those who depend on Collins Home Family Ministry by becoming a monthly partner. “...I assure you that when you have done it for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you have done it for me.” Matt 25:40 CEB

  • $50 provides a week of meals for one of the kids we serve. 

  • $100 provides a tank of gas for one of our four vans used for transportation.

  • $250 covers the utilities for one of the buildings our kids call home.

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Latest Collins Home News 

To every child – I dream of a world where you can laugh, dance, sing,    learn,    live in peace, and be happy.  

Malala Yousafzai

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